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Welcome to Bonny Doglets!  I make fun miniature caricatures of your furry friends. I use polymer clay to include the tiniest details, bringing out all their amazing character.

Have a look below at examples of doglets I've made.  All shapes and sizes, and all with their own personalities.  For more details, have a look through the FAQs here, or contact me here.

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Quinn the German shepherd
Diesel the springer spaniel
Harris viszla
Alfie the viszla
Cooper the Alaskan malamute
Willow the saluki cross
Humphrey the bassett hound
Princess the Jack Russell x chihuahua
Brego the lurcher
Gulliver the lagotto Romagnolo
Nola the coton de tulear x westie
Claude the whippet
Lucy the lurcher
Pippa the bichon frise x terrier
Lily the Rommie
Ella the whippet
Willow the lurcher
Baggins the lurcher
Arthur the whippet
Monty the bearded collie
Eomer the lurcher
Badger the lurcher
Pumpkin the cat
Bowser the whippet
Morton the whippet
Brodie the border collie
Magic the border collie
Spud the podenco raton cross
Corrie the German shepherd
Finnegan the whippet
Morgan the labrador x ridgeback
Sam the springer spaniel
Smudge the cocker spaniel
Rip the Belgian malinois
Alfie the bearded collie
Rexy the springer spaniel
Albus Dumblepaw the deerhound
Alfie the Border terrier x Lakeland x Jack Russell
Kooper the cockapoo
Bilbo the saluki x greyhound x springer
Billy the Bedlington terrier
Billy the cocker spaniel
Blake the greyhound
Blondie the papillon
Boris the wire-haired pointer
Buddy the lurcher
Burtie the corgi
Fairy the saluki whippet collie
Case the cat
Casper the lurcher
Ziva the German shepherd
Charlie the boxer x staffy
Daisy the springer spaniel
Florence the cat
Freddie the terrier cross
Frodo the springer spaniel
Guinevere the deerhound
Huey the lurcher
Ike the German shepherd
Indie the Italian greyhound
Isla the sprocker spaniel
Jake the greyhound
Jamie the saluki
Joep the silken windsprite
Jose the greyhound
Kolo the pug x terrier
Lady the terrier cross
Leelu the lurcher
Leon the greyhound
Loki the saluki x
Lilli the sprocker spaniel
Lola the springer spaniel
Macie the cocker spaniel
Major the saluki
Max the lurcher
Max the Yorkshire terrier
Meg the Welsh springer spaniel
Morty chihuahua x papillon
Negal the Australian cattle dog
Maizy the border collie
Nevis the crossbreed
Nora the Cyprus hound
Oggi the border collie
Ozzy the deerhound cross
Pepper the sprocker
Poppy the poochon
Rabbie the deerhound
Ramsey the sprocker
Reuben the labrador x ridgeback
River Valley the bedlington whippet
Roma the Rommie
Rory the border collie
Rosie the greyhound
Rosie the Italian greyhound
Rosie the Italian spinone
Rowan the cocker spaniel
Rufus the Italian spinone
Saffy the border terrier
Sam the border collie x retriever
Skye the Italian greyhound
Sooty the greyhound
Sonny the crossbreed
Tanya the crossbreed
Sophie the border collie
Stanley the Bedlington terrier
Stella Star the papillon
Tara the border collie
Tars the cat
TJ the crossbreed
Towser the lurcher
Trent the sprocker spaniel
Trudi the Italian spinone
Walter the Italian spinone
Willow the lurcher
Wilma the cockerpoo
Ying the border collie
Zazu the sprocker
Zeus the whippet
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